Staff Assembly

Staff Assembly is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of North Idaho College by enabling student success, teaching excellence, and lifelong learning. As an organization we are dedicated to promoting the welfare of our members, increasing our professional effectiveness, actively participating in the college governance process, and openly communicating the essential nature of our contribution to the College.

Staff Assembly membership consists of North Idaho College employees who hold a current Category II, IV, V, or VI contract or letter of appointment, and those working at least ten hours per week and not more than nineteen and a half hours per week, excluding work study and student workers.

Staff Assembly meetings are held every second Thursday of the Month at 2:30 p.m.

Staff Assembly Executive Committee

Chair: Jessica Grantham, ext.3401
Vice Chair: Teresa Henderson, ext. 7211
Secretary: Rayann Bounds, ext. 3433
Past Chair: Carol Jones, ext. 3340

College Senate:

Past Chair: Chantel Black, ext. 3330
Vice Chair: Josh Gittel, ext. 4397; Term FY2015 - FY2016
Senator: Betsy Conery, ext. 3276; Term FY2015 - FY2016
Senator: Tom Greene, ext. 2759; Term FY2015 - FY2016
Senator: Kym Browning, ext. 3361; Term FY2015 - FY2016
Senator: Krista Brown, ext. 5063; Term FY2016 - FY2017
Senator: Jeff Davis, ext. 3386; Term FY2016 - FY2017
Senator: Andrea Woempner, ext. 4371; Term FY2016 - FY2017
Senator: Jessica DeWitt, ext. 7150; Term FY2016 - FY2017
Senate Alternate: JT Thompson, ext. 2318; Term FY2016
Senate Alternate: Kelly Hopkins, Term FY2016


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