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Temporary replacement of key leadership positions

Guidelines for Temporary (Acting or Interim) Replacement of Key Leadership Positions

The following guidelines are used to replace key leadership vacancies on a temporary basis:

  1. The vacancy will be reported to the President Cabinet (PC) member to whom the position reports, by the direct supervisor. The supervisor will make a recommendation to the PC member for an acting or interim to fill the position based on various factors.
  2. The supervisor should also provide a plan for any position that will need to be back filled to cover the vacancy created by the acting or interim appointment.
  3. If the PC member agrees with the recommendation, they will submit the proposal to Executive Committee (EC). Executive Committee will make the final decision regarding the appointment of the acting or interim.
  4. After approval of the decision, EC will notify Human Resources for consultation regarding temporary changes in compensation (see Policy and Procedure 3.02.28 – Compensation for Special Assignments) and formally processing the change in position.
  5. The supervisor will make an announcement to the campus community.

Definition of terms:

Temporary Vacancy – A temporary vacancy may follow a resignation or termination from a position or from an employee absence due to an approved leave.

Key Leadership Position – Any director position or higher could be considered a key leadership position.  The determination to appoint an acting or interim will depend on the length of time predicted to replace the position. 

Length of Appointment – Acting appointments will be considered for positions that may be vacant for greater than two weeks and less than three months.  Interim appointments will be considered for positions that may be vacant for more than one month and less than one fiscal year.  If the vacancy will continue beyond the end of the fiscal year, the interim appointment will need to be reviewed and reapproved through the above process.