Sterling Silver Award

George McAlister

George McAlister

Library Director
Molstead Library

Employee of the Month

“In the two years that George has been the library director, he's made such a positive difference and added value to Molstead Library for students and employees. His leadership style is quiet yet strong, and he shows his staff daily that he's committed to the library's mission. The excellence of the library means excellence for the entire campus.”

Robin McLeod, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Molstead Library

“George always goes above and beyond for the library, students, faculty, and staff. He is hard working, professional, always smiling, says hello, and is very positive. NIC is lucky to have him and this award is well deserved!”

Cheri Beard, Executive Assistant - Office of Instruction

“It's a real pleasure to see Library Director George McAlister being considered for special recognition at NIC. His inspiring and supportive leadership has brought the library through many improvements in functionality, atmosphere, and service. He is ever mindful of the library's role in educational excellence, and consistently brings his knowledge, talents, and imagination to further student success in every way possible.”

Cheryl Carroll, Circulation Supervisor - Molstead Library

“In my work with George, I've seen an amazing dedication to NIC, to the library's mission, and to students. His willingness to reach out and work with other departments is a huge benefit to the college. George always makes a point to visit with other departments and stop by, even if it's just to say hello. During a difficult time in his department, he stayed positive and supportive with his staff and to everyone he spoke with. He definitely deserves to be recognized for his dedication to the college's mission and to student success.”

Lynn Wahl, Instructional Designer - eLearning