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Transfer Program

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The study of literature and composition helps students to acquire valuable interdisciplinary communication skills for a wide range of professions. Classes focus on the pleasures and challenges of reading and writing. Students learn to read critically, to think logically, to analyze and organize a wide variety of concepts, to research and evaluate sources, and to communicate clearly and effectively. Studying literature, creative writing, and professional writing provides students with strong reading comprehension abilities and inspires cultural, social, philosophical, and historical inquiry. Regular practice of writing teaches students to express their ideas artfully and to integrate diverse perspectives into convincing essays. English majors can apply these skills to a range of professional fields, such as business, advertising, media, law, health professions, and education.

Completion of the following courses normally fulfills the first half of bachelor's degree requirements in English. Students can choose a special focus in literature, creative writing, or professional writing. Students who wish to choose a special focus for their English A.A. (literature, creative writing, or professional writing) must meet with their English advisors to discuss specific course recommendations. Course selections should be tailored to match requirements of the intended transfer institutions.


Program Guidelines