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Environmental Science

Transfer Program

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Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field that utilizes physical, chemical, and biological sciences to study both natural and anthropogenic impacts on the environment. Communication, data management, and problem solving skills are stressed throughout the program and applied to a variety of complex environmental issues including biodiversity loss, water resources, and global climate change. Students enrolled in this program will receive a diverse background in the sciences, including biology, chemistry, and geology as wells as exposure to international environmental issues. This program provides a solid scientific foundation as well as the flexibility students need to specialize in one of the branches of environmental science. Specialization in a select area is encouraged to progress toward a suitable transfer program or career goal.

Completion of the following courses results in an Associate of Science Degree with an area of emphasis in Environmental Science. This program normally fulfills the first two years of baccalaureate study in Environmental Science. Course selection should be tailored to match requirements defined by intended transfer institution.


Program Guidelines