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Network Security Administration

Career and Technical Program

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This Network Security Administration Associate of Applied Science program will prepare students for a career in the cybersecurity industry. The technical courses in this A.A.S degree program combine both networking concepts and security fundamentals with a focus on best practices required to implement and administer secure network environments. The program integrates knowledge from communication, social sciences, and math with the theory and practice of information technology to prepare students for employment in the industry. It will also provide opportunities for those employed in the information technology field to enhance their knowledge and credentials and advance in their careers.

During the program students are encouraged to work toward a variety of industry certifications in addition to the degree. Students will graduate with a Network Security Administration Associate of Applied Science Degree upon successful completion of this program. Entry-level position responsibilities in cybersecurity include, but are not limited to: maintaining computer network infrastructure and security; securing computer assets connected to the Internet; installing, configuring and securing PC systems and mobile devices; configuring and securing remote access networks; providing technical support and configuring and repairing endpoint devices.

Career opportunities for Cyber Security professionals are varied and immediate. The National Initiative for Cyber Security Education (NICE) has identified dozens of job titles that require security skills. See and search for Cybersecurity Workforce Framework Resource Center for more information on cybersecurity skills needed today. Additionally, projections are that by the end of the decade, all or nearly all intermediate level computer technical, developmental or implementation careers will require some level of security training.

This is a selective enrollment program. Successful completion of each semester or permission of the instructor is required to continue to the next semester. Successful completion of the technical certificate or permission of the instructor is required for enrollment in the third and fourth semester courses.


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Selective Program Criteria