Transfer Program

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The Education program is intended for students who wish to teach in a middle school, or high school setting. Most transfer institutions and state teacher certification standards require high school teachers to complete a major area of study such as English, History, Art, or Biology. In preparation for transfer, NIC students may enroll in courses which have a high probability for transfer and courses that support their major area of study.

It is strongly recommended that students who plan to teach in a high school setting contact their transfer institution as soon as possible regarding specific coursework needed for the transfer institution's core curriculum, college of education requirements, and/or state certification requirements. Delay in contacting the transfer institution may result in taking unnecessary courses.

Students wishing to pursue a career as a middle school teacher have two options. They can complete secondary requirements for high school teachers and be certified to teach grades 6-12 in their area. The second option would be to seek an elementary certification and seek an endorsement in their content area. Students who are uncertain about becoming a teacher may enroll in EDUC-201 as a sophomore. This course is designed to assist students in making an educated decision about teaching as a career choice.


Program Guidelines