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Transfer Program

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The Humanities program at NIC is grounded in an interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts, including the fine arts of music, visual art, and theater; English literature and composition; history; philosophy; communication; and interdisciplinary studies. Courses in the humanities are excellent preparation for careers in the arts, business, law, and education. A degree in the humanities develops critical thinking skills that prepare students to succeed in an interconnected world. Courses require students to synthesize ideas from a range of disciplines and to think creatively when approaching complex problems. Students study and interact with a range of texts from diverse perspectives while working cooperatively, thinking, reading, speaking, writing, and engaging actively in experiential learning.

Completion of the required courses result in an associate of arts degree and meets the general core requirements at all Idaho public universities. The suggested coursework normally fulfills the first half of baccalaureate degree requirements. Course selection should be tailored to match requirements defined by intended transfer institutions.


Program Guidelines