Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Transfer Program

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The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing program is designed for students who desire careers in the research and production of pharmaceutical and medicine products. These products are used to treat disease and for the betterment of life. The production of these products requires a fundamental understanding of biology, chemistry, and manufacturing processes.

Upon completion of this program students shall have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Be familiar with the language of biotechnology production.
  • Be able to articulate, read and follow a standard operating procedure.
  • Be able to understand and apply the regulatory requirements of current good manufacturing practices.
  • Understand the basic biology and chemistry behind the manufacturing processes.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform laboratory skills and work in team settings.

Completion of the following courses results in an Associate of Science Degree with an area of emphasis in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It will ready the students for entry- to midlevel positions in a biotechnology environment. The required coursework also supports baccalaureate degree requirements in biology, chemistry, and other scientific disciplines. When advanced degrees are desired, course selection should be tailored to match requirements defined by intended transfer institution.


Program Guidelines