Van Safety Quiz

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When filled to capacity, the center of gravity for a van could be as high as the steering wheel. True      False
One of the common causes of rollover is overcorrecting the steering. True      False
Only 15 passenger vans are susceptible to rollover, not 12 passenger vans. True      False
Driving a passenger van does not require any more precautions than driving a car. True      False
When it comes to crashes, the age of the driver was more of a factor than experience. True      False
If the van’s wheels leave the pavement, you should gradually slow down and steer back onto the roadway when safe. True      False
80 percent of passengers killed in rollover crashes in these types of vans were not wearing safety belts. True      False
Tires that aren’t properly inflated or have worn treads can cause handling problems. True      False
As more people fill a 15 passenger van, the center of gravity moves upward and toward the rear of the van. True      False
The odds of a 15 passenger van rolling over when filled to capacity is two times the odds of rollover when the driver is the only one in the van. True      False
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that pre-school and school-aged children ride in a 15-passenger only when an experienced driver is at the wheel. True      False