Services for the Community

Use Of Molstead Library By Adult Members Of Local Community

Members of the local community who are not enrolled as an NIC student may check-out books from Molstead Library using either a Molstead Library Community Borrowers Card (issued here at the library with valid Idaho drivers license) or a local public library card. Access to the library's online databases is restricted to in-library use only. However, the LiLI Databases offers an alternative for off-campus access to full-text periodical databases.

Community patrons will be restricted to ten items total at one time (five DVDs or five CDs at a time). Circulation periods, fines, and fees are the same as they are for students. Refer to the Molstead Library Circulation policies for more details.

Use Of Molstead Library By Groups Of K-12 Students Policy

Molstead Library is a small facility with a modest materials collection that serves a growing student, faculty and staff population. Not only NIC students, but also LCSC and UI extension students and faculty, make substantial use of the library's services and resources. Hence, Molstead Library materials are purchased to meet NIC students' and faculties' curricular and research needs. No attempt has been made to acquire materials for K - 12 students since curricular materials for this age group falls outside the college's and the library's missions. In addition, Molstead Library is an extended classroom for NIC faculty and their students who are engaged in the teaching and learning process. As such, it is a busy facility with many concurrent activities, e.g. teaching, information services, independent study, collaborative learning, Internet research, and media related learning activities. Therefore, the library has adopted procedures which K-12 student groups must follow in order to ensure orderly, successful visits which are beneficial to them, yet do not detract from the library's mission to serve NIC, UI, and LCSC students and staff.

General Policy & Procedures For High School Student Use

Molstead Library staff welcomes the use of the library's materials, equipment and facility by groups of area high school students. To help facilitate a pleasant experience for area teachers . and their students, we ask that the following general procedures be observed:

Be flexible in your arrangements. The library and its staff cannot accommodate groups of students during peak use by NIC, LCSC, UI students and faculty. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00 am to 2:00 p.m. are our busiest periods, as well as the weeks of midterms and finals. Groups can best be accommodated Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Public Services Librarian will inform you of the best times and dates to schedule a group activity.

K-12 student groups must be accompanied by their classroom teachers.

No K-12 tours will be scheduled when the library is closed to the public.

A group of area students and teachers who visit the Library without having made prior arrangements with the Public Services Librarian may be asked to leave, especially if their unannounced visit conflicts with the use of the facility by NIC students and faculty or other groups who have made prior arrangements with the Public Services Librarian.

NIC's administrators and library staff view visits to the Molstead Library by groups of area K - 12 students as a privilege. To retain visiting privileges, we request that groups of area school students follow the same rules of decorum that NIC students observe. They are as follows:

  • No food or beverages on the premises.
  • Courtesy to those waiting to use a computer station or any other library equipment.
  • Adult behavior - no shouting, loud conversations, running, or roughhousing.

Policy & Procedures For High School Student Use

High school students may work on specific assignments under the supervision of their teachers.

Secondary school teachers must make arrangements with the Public Services Librarian at least two weeks in advance of the date they wish to bring students into the library. Submitting a copy of the research project or student assignment to the Public Services Librarian at least a week in advance of a planned visit is highly appreciated. Advance notice will assure that the information librarians will be better prepared to assist your students. If students need special training on how to use the public access catalog (PAC), online databases, Internet, microform reader printers, photocopiers, etc., inform the Public Services Librarian of this need when arranging a group visit.

Keep the number of students in a group to a maximum of 20. Please remember that there is a limited number of PAC terminals, seating and library personnel which must be shared by NIC, LCSC, UI students/faculty, community users and your students. If you have more than 20 students, schedule two different dates or times with the Public Services Librarian.

Teachers may schedule a period of up to 1 day in the library with their students.

Make sure students come to the library with at least a couple of dollars worth of dimes for the photocopier. The Library does not circulate materials to high school students. They should come prepared to take notes and/or photocopy the information they need.

Policy & Procedures For Elementary And Middle School Student Use

Use of the Library by elementary and middle school student groups is limited to tours.

The Public Services Librarian will schedule up to 30 minutes in the Molstead Library for a tour of the facility.

Tours are limited to a maximum of 20 elementary or middle school students.

Students must be accompanied by their teacher(s).

Teachers must call and schedule tours with the Public Services Librarian at least two weeks in advance.

The shortage of materials, staffing and space prohibit library staff extending services to area K-12 student groups beyond that which is indicated above. Individual high school students may check out materials under certain conditions with permission from their school librarians. Individual elementary and middle school students are welcome, especially when accompanied by a parent.

Parents of K-12 area students may apply for a Molstead Library community borrower's card and check out materials for their children.