Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms are for the use of students attending North Idaho College, University of Idaho, or Lewis-Clark State College. These are your rooms. Please treat them with care. No food or open drink containers allowed. Groups wishing to use a white board should only use library-approved markers available at the Check-Out Desk.

Group Study Room


Our three group study rooms are for the use of 2 to 10 students at any given time. Individual students may not use the rooms.

  • Students must reserve study room 123, 124, or 126c with the Check-Out Desk attendant.
  • You may reserve rooms for a single booking up to one month in advance.
  • Recurring bookings lasting longer than two consecutive days cannot be accommodated due to heavy use of the study rooms.
  • Rooms are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Group study rooms may be used for up to two (2) hours on a given day by a particular study group.
Because the rooms are very popular your reservation request will be held for 15 minutes only. If a reservation needs to be cancelled, notify the Circulation Department (769-3355) as soon as possible.

Group study rooms can also be used in conjunction with electronic equipment for Speech Lab (COMM). Speech Lab equipment (Library Use Only) is available at the library Check-Out Desk and group study rooms can be scheduled in advance using the button below. The library's classroom (126 A/B) is not available for this purpose. At the bottom of this page is an instructional video created by the COMM department that demonstrates how to set-up the Speech Lab equipment in the library.

Request a Group Study Room

Group study rooms are not to be used for the following purposes:

  • Counseling, tutoring, or sales sessions
  • Community meetings or other community activities
  • Watching TV
  • Viewing videos (unless as a group with other students viewing required materials)
  • * Please note that the library is not responsible for any lost, stolen or unattended items.