Library Instruction

Molstead Library builds its library instruction principles on the Association of College and Research Libraries' committee document, Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.  The committee identified six foundational concepts of information literacy:

  • Authority is Constructed and Contextual
  • Information Creation As a Process
  • Information Has Value
  • Research as Inquiry
  • Scholarship as Conversation
  • Searching as Strategic Exploration

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Lisa KellermanIf you have any questions about how an Instruction Librarian can support your goals for teaching students information literacy, please contact:

Lisa Kellerman
Reference and Instruction Librarian
(208) 769-3253

Library Instruction Classroom 126


The Library Instruction Classroom 126 is located on the first floor of the Molstead Library in the south corner of the building. The classroom contains instructional equipment which includes a PC and monitor, ELMO Visual Presenter, digital projector and screen, VCR, DVD, and two whiteboards. The 28-seat classroom is arranged in a U-shaped configuration around 8 work tables. The classroom can be reconfigured to accommodate instructional needs.  The Library also has a portable set of 10 keyboard tablets for instruction use.


The main use of Classroom 126 is for librarian-led instruction. Classes taught by library personnel will have the highest priority and can override previously scheduled classes reserved by non-library personnel. Although Classroom 126 may also be scheduled by North Idaho College faculty for other instructional purposes, it is always with the proviso that students spend a portion of their time in library-related learning activities. The classroom is only available during the library’s regular operating hours.

Classroom 126 is available for general NIC meetings. However, when reserving the classroom, priority will be given to library-associated meetings, librarian-led instruction and training, or library-related classroom instruction by NIC faculty. Recurring meetings that tie up future, regular blocks of time will not be scheduled in this classroom.

Instructors may reserve Classroom 126 for instructional purposes up to six, two-hour blocks per class, per semester. Please do not keep your class over the time you have scheduled.


Email Lisa Kellerman, Reference and Instruction Librarian, or phone ext. 3253 to request a librarian-led instruction session. 

Email Robin McLeod, Senior Administrative Assistant, or phone ext. 3215 for more information and to schedule the classroom.

Use Guidelines

When arriving to use the Library Instruction Classroom, please proceed to the Information Desk to have the room unlocked. We also ask that you contact the staff working at the Information or Checkout Desks to report any problems with the condition of the room or the equipment. If assistance is needed with equipment, please go to the Information Desk.

Users are responsible and accountable for the cleanliness and order of the classroom. Students should never be left unsupervised. No food or drink is allowed in the classroom. When finished, please discard any garbage, clean the white board, and return all library furniture to its proper place. When leaving the classroom please:

  • Log out of all programs and applications, but do not turn off the computer
  • Restart any computer that may have crashed
  • Turn off the digital projector
  • Turn off the lights
  • Close and lock all doors