Course Reserves

Course Reserves Request Form 

The Molstead Library offers reserve services to the faculty at North Idaho College, Lewis-Clark State College, and the University of Idaho . Faculty members may place on reserve either personal items or library copies of select materials for students to use in specific courses offered during that semester for which the reserve materials are to be used.

course reserves shelf at check out desk

What may be placed on reserve?

In general, reserve materials are intended for the exclusive use of students in a particular course. Items placed on reserve must be either required or optional reading, viewing, or listening for the given course. Barring special arrangements, library-owned periodicals or reference works may not be reserved. Reserve loan periods and stipulations are determined by the faculty. Students who need items for longer than the designated lending periods must obtain written permission from the faculty.

All items placed on reserve are subject to limitations under copyright law and must comply with Learning Resources Copyright Guidelines. The library reserves the right to reject any items we determine are not in compliance with these guidelines. The following is a general outline for what may be placed on reserve. Please refer to the complete guidelines for a more detailed description or contact the library if you have questions.

Photocopies of copyrighted works are subject to special limitations under copyright law. Up to five simultaneous duplicates of such work may be reserved for one semester. Permission from the copyright holder is needed for additional consecutive semesters. Photocopies of articles obtained through Interlibrary Loan from other libraries may not be placed on reserve.

Books owned by the library or the instructor may be placed on reserve. With some exceptions, the library does not purchase textbooks used in classes. However, faculty may place personal or desk copies of these on reserve for their students. Books which may not be placed on reserve include:

  • Items borrowed from other libraries.
  • Instructor editions or review copies of textbooks. This includes material labeled: Annotated Instructor’s EditionEvaluation Copy, Examination Copy, Inspection Copy, Instructor’s Edition, Publisher’s Review Copy, Review Copy, or Teacher’s Manual.
  • Photocopies of more than one chapter or 10% of a work (see Copyright Guidelines).

In general, up to three copies of audio-visual works may be placed on reserve. However, this does not include unauthorized downloads, recordings or duplicates of a work. Additional limits may apply to items placed on electronic reserves.

U.S. Copyright Law provides copyright protection for student papers and projects. The student owns the copyright to their work and copying or use is prohibited without the student's permission. Written permission from the student author, which must be obtained by the faculty member, is required before placing a copy of a student's work on reserve. A Student Release Form  for each student should be retained by the faculty for as long as the work is on reserve.

How to place items on reserve

Instructors should provide reserve materials at least two school days prior to when their students will need access to them. Library staff will process reserve requests as quickly as possible, but please remember that at certain times (like the beginning weeks of a semester) we get a large number of requests. All items must be submitted with the correct and completed reserve form. To avoid confusion, please be sure the information provided (title, author, class, etc.) is the same as that given to the students in your classes. Faculty may fill out and submit an online Course Reserves Request Form or complete a written form available at the library circulation desk.

Instructors who wish to reserve library-owned materials that are currently on loan to other patrons may submit completed reserve forms and ask that the items be placed on reserve when they are returned.

In general, items placed on reserve will be removed at the end of the semester unless otherwise specified. When removed from reserve, library-owned items will be returned to the collection and personal items returned to the instructor through campus mail or may be picked up at the library circulation desk. Please contact library staff to make other arrangements for the removal and/or return of reserve materials.