Browser Issues 

As national browser security certificate standards continue to evolve, you may encounter browser security issues when accessing library sources.  The source links are safe, but browsers' automatic warning systems may activate. It is safe to follow a "continue to unsafe site" link that originated from a library system. 

If you are hesitant to proceed to a site earmarked "unsafe," please try opening the link in an alternate browser.  Its security settings may be less prohibitive. 


Mozilla Firefox Available for free download.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Available for free download.

Google Chrome Available for free download.

Microsoft Edge Available for free download. Windows 10 Users Only.

Apple Safari Available for free download. Apple Mac Users Only.

Still Having Issues?

Please contact the IT HelpDesk at 769-3280, the Library at 769-3265 or send us a detailed email outlining the problem.  We are happy to help troubleshoot.