Division Chairs

Patrick O'Halloran
Phone: 676-7145

Business and Professional Programs
Gayne Clifford
Phone: 769-7719

College Skills
Bob Vogeler, Interim
Phone: 769-5901

Communication and Fine Arts
Sherry Simkins
Phone: 769-3418

English and Humanities
Lloyd Duman
Phone: 769-7713

Health Professions
Rand Edwards
Phone: 769-3250

Math, Computer Science and Engineering
Cheryl Cunnington
Phone: 769-5907

Natural Sciences
Peter Zao
Phone: 769-3473
Director of Associate Degree in Nursing Program (includes division chair responsibilities)
Gina Prindle
Phone: 769-7701
Physical Education, Dance, and Resort/Recreation Management
Paul Manzardo
Phone: 769-3354

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Alan Lamb
Phone: 769-3453

Trades and Industry
Doug Anderson
Phone: 769-3442