Connecting With Counseling

Lee Kildow Hall
Suite 126
Phone: (208) 769-3445   E-mail: 

Could This Be You?

It's hard for me to make friends.
I wish I had more confidence.
I have a big decision to make.
I feel so alone sometimes.
My parents just don't understand.
I feel so awkward on dates.
Sometimes I feel I can't go on.
I can't seem to find a relationship.
Sometimes I feel like nobody cares.
I'm thinking about dropping out of school.
I'd like to learn more about myself.
We just broke up; I feel hurt and angry.
I'm scared about the future.
Something bad happened; It's hard to talk about.
I'm not happy with the way I look.
I am not sure what occupation is right for me.
I am always nervous and I can't stand it.
Why are people always bugging me about how much I drink/smoke?
My friend is acting weird and I don't know how to help him.


Making Appointments

The best way to connect with counseling is through scheduled appointments. Appointments can be easily arranged by calling 769-3445 or by coming to the Center for New Directions and Therapeutic Counseling located in Lee Kildow Hall, Suite 126. Individual appointments are approximately 50 minutes in length. Every effort is made to schedule appointments as soon as possible. After your first appointment, your counselor will assist you in scheduling additional appointments as needed. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please call 769-3445.

Crisis Counseling

In the event a crisis necessitates urgent connection with a counselor, please contact Counseling Services and a quick response will be arranged. If immediate counseling is needed during off-hours please be aware of the following resources:

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line (208) 664-1443
  • Rape Crisis Hotline 24 hours (208) 661-2522
  • Domestic Violence Hotline (208) 664-9303
  • Mental Health Crisis Response Team (888) 769-1405
  • Kootenai Health Emergency Dept. (208) 666-3000