Student Counseling
Services Offered

NIC Student Counseling Services
Located in Seiter Hall, Room 100
(208) 665-4520 or (208) 769-3362
Available Full-Time in Spring and Fall Semesters, Part-Time in the Summer

Let Us Help You

Making Appointments
Call (208) 665-4520 to make an appointment.

Student Counseling Services provides confidential, FREE Solution-Focused Brief Therapy for 2-4 sessions to assist and encourage student success at North Idaho College.  For students who may benefit from other kinds of counseling and/or long term services, Student Counseling Services attempts to make referral to additional resources in their local community.

Some Reasons Students Might Seek Counseling Services:

  • Poor Grades or difficulties completing assigned work
  • Adjustment to college, coping with life in college
  • Feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed
  • Relationship difficulties, domestic violence, child & child care issues
  • Suicidal thoughts or wanting to purposely injure self
  • Alcohol and drug issues
  • Financial, Transportation, Housing & Food Challenges
  • Undiagnosed disabilities
  • Eating Disorders and body image concerns
  • Questions about sexuality
  • Sexual/physical assault/acquaintance rape
  • Oppression, bullying
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Learning to manage anger, grief, and other emotions
  • Family problems
  • ....and more

Other resources to be aware of include:
911 - Emergency Services