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Mentor Specialist

Do you enjoy sharing your professional skills and knowledge with others? Learn how to be a mentor specialist in peer development, coaching, and mentoring. You will receive effective tools to enable you to mentor students or new team members.

Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent required. Recommended for Certified Nursing Assistant or Medical Assistants but not required.


Course Components & Learning Outcomes

  • Role and Characteristics of a Mentor
  • Adult Learners
  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mentor Toolkit
  • Cultural Competence
  • Self-Care

Describe the main roles of a Mentor
• Describe the qualities of an effective mentor
• Understand the impact of mentoring has on retention
• Explain how to build a supportive relationship and establish/maintain appropriate
personal boundaries
• List specific mentoring activities
• Demonstrate effective communication skills using active listening and productive
feedback skills
• Demonstrate skill competency evaluation using peer to peer reviews
• Demonstrate respectful conflict resolution communication techniques
• Know how to document and appropriately pass along mentee information
• Discuss the post training follow-up
• Describe the importance of self-care
• Develop a self-care plan
• Define cultural competency
• Explain the opportunities and challenges of adult learners
• Describe emotional intelligence
• Use mentoring skills in real-life situations

Students will engage in a workshop style in class for in depth exploration of material, applying real world scenarios, engaging in critical thinking activities and practice competency skills.

  • Class meets for 2-six hour sessions totaling 12 hours

Each student who successfully completes the Mentor Specialist shall be issued a certificate of achievement. The certificate means that you have completed the related technical instruction for your apprenticeship pathway.

You will also achieve a micro certification issued by Idaho Career and Technical Education called SkillStack. This is a digital certification:

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