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Industrial Mechanic / Millwright

Career and Technical

Location: Rathdrum Parker Center

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Program Description

This 11-month program prepares students for employment as industrial plant maintenance mechanics or millwrights. Students learn the basics of maintenance fabrication installation and alignment of equipment used in modern industrial and manufacturing plants.

Theory classes provide technical information pertaining to welding hydraulics electricity rigging pipe fitting mechanical drive/transmission systems pumps and equipment installation and alignment.

Laboratory classes teach students to skillfully perform welding and fabrication tasks as well as the maintenance of hydraulic electro/mechanical systems. The well-equipped lab includes the latest technology in laser alignment of rotating equipment. Blueprint reading and shop math are taught and used in all areas of training. A general education component of English occupational relations and math are integrated into the program. Successful completion of the first semester or instructor permission is required to continue into the second semester and summer session.

Interested students should possess basic math skills (knowledge of basic Algebra and Geometry) Reading skills and have a keen interest in mechanics. Placement in specific English and math classes is determined by the college assessment test.

Parker Technical Education Center

Classes for this program are located in Rathdrum, Idaho, 12 miles from Coeur d’Alene at the Parker Technical Education Center

Shane Stockham
Industrial Mechanic/Millwright Instructor
Office: Parker Technical Education Center 183
Phone: (208) 769-3460

2021 - 2022 Tool List

APPROXIMATE COST OF TOOLS / SUPPLIES (NOTE: Does not include the cost of textbooks)

$2000 - $3500 (Prices subject to change based on price quotes received from the vendors)

Industrial Mechanic/Millwright Technology Required Tool List



NOTE: It is recommended that students not purchase tools or equipment until after classes have begun and specific tool/equipment requirements have been discussed in class.


Must Have for 1st Week of Fall Semester
1 Pair Safety glasses
1 Pair Coveralls (100% cotton)
1 Pair Cutting goggles
2 Pair Leather gloves
1 Each Tip cleaners
1 Each  Flint Striker
1 Each Welding pliers


General Tools/Supplies
1 Each Locking toolbox (roller cabinet optional)
2 Each Ball peen hammer (16-28 oz.)
1 Each Plastic soft-tip hammer (12-20 oz.)
1 Set Screwdrivers (Standard and Phillips)
1 Set Assorted punches
1 Set  Assorted chisels
1 Set  Allen wrenches
1 Set  Combination wrenches (box end, 3/8”-1 1/4”)
3 Each  Adjustable wrenches (8”, 10”, 12”)
2 Each  Pipe wrenches (12”, 18”)
1 Each  Steel ruler (6”, 1/64 increments)
3 Each  Files (10”-12”, flat or mill, half-round, round)
1 Each  Hacksaw (24T, 32R blades)
1 Set  Feeler gauge (optional taper gauge)
1 Each  Roll head bar (or pry bar)
1 Set  Socket wrench set – 1/4” drive
1 Set  Socket wrench set – 3/8” drive
1 Set   Socket wrench set – 1/2” drive
1 Pair  Long-nose pliers (6”)
1 Pair   Slip-joint pliers (8”)
1 Pair   Curved-joint pliers (10”)
2 Pair  Vice grip pliers (10”)
1 Set  Retaining ring pliers (internal, external)
1 Pair  Diagonal cutters
1 Each  Tape measure
1 Each  Torpedo level (9”)
1 Each 

Combination square (center and
protractor head options)

1 Each  4 1/2" angle disc grinder
1 Pair Leather boots
1 Each Arc hood
1 Each Leather jacket (or sleeves/apron)
1 Each  Striker
1 Each  Chipping hammer
1 Each  Wire brush (extra stainless)
1 Each  Welder’s cap
1 Each  Soapstone holder
1 Each  Pipe wrap-around (optional)
1 Each  Dial caliper (6”)
1 Each  Chalk line
1 Each  Pencil compass (or 10” dividers)
1 Each  Plumb bob (optional)
1 Each  Inspection mirror
1 Each  Wire stripper

Program Snapshot

Degree Type Duration Path Credits
Intermediate Technical Certificate 2 Semesters Full-time 44 Degree requirements
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