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business woman

Business Division

The Business AS Transfer program is covered within this division.

Office Phone: (208) 769-3226
Fax: (208) 769-3459

Student working on a mainframe computer

Career and Technical Professional Programs Division

Get hands-on learning and prepare enter the workforce quickly. Technical professional programs equip you with skills you can apply to any industry.

Office Phone: (208) 769-3226
Fax: (208) 769-3459

Actor performing in Hamlet on stage

Communication and Fine Arts Division

Explore the hub of creative expression and effective communication. Delve into the visual and performing arts, media studies, journalism and more.

Office Phone: (208) 769-3276
Fax: (208) 769-7880


English and Humanities Division

Study diverse viewpoints and gain a better cultural understanding. English and humanities programs involve language, critical thinking and philosophy.

Office Phone: (208) 769-3394
Fax: (208) 665-2785

Nurse looking at some type of med equipment

Health Professions Division

Launch into a rewarding career in healthcare. Gain practical skills and make a positive impact on people's lives and well-being. 

Office Phone: (208) 676-7132
Fax: (208) 769-7774

Professor teaching math in front of class

Math, Computer Science and Engineering Division

Find programs for those passionate about problem-solving, technology and innovation. Develop strong analytical skills and explore exciting fields shaping the future.

Office Phone: (208) 665-4521
Fax: (208) 665-5083

Students looking into a microscope

Natural Sciences Division

Investigate the world around us. From the gigantic to the microscopic, there is a program here for every interest. 

Office Phone: (208) 769-3495
Fax: (208) 769-7839

Registered Nursing students running test in the lab

Nursing Division

Enter a field that provides compassionate and skilled healthcare. Get practical experience with experienced professionals.

Office Phone: (208) 769-3329
Fax: (208) 769-7774

3 students in a canoe on a lake

Physical Education, Dance and Resort/Recreation Management Division

From outdoor adventures to the art of dance, pursue careers in fitness, movement and wellness.

Office Phone: (208) 769-3409
Fax: (208) 625-2323

social science division people

Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

Learn about humans and society. Topics include culture, education, the justice system, inequality and violence, government and family needs.

Office Phone: (208) 769-7782

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Trades and Industry Division

Like working with your hands? Join one of many skills-based programs in the trades. Areas include welding, automotive and diesel tech, HVAC and more.

Office Phone: (208) 769-3433
Fax: (208) 929-4020