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English and Humanities Division

The English and Humanities Division includes the departments of English, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, World Languages and Philosophy.

Programs and Requirements

The study of literature and composition helps students to acquire valuable interdisciplinary communication skills for a wide range of professions.

Classes focus on the pleasures and challenges of reading and writing. Students learn to read critically, think logically, analyze and organize a wide variety of concepts, research and evaluate sources, and communicate clearly and effectively.

English Program

English Course Descriptions

The Humanities program at NIC is grounded in an interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts, including the fine arts of music, visual art and theater; English literature and composition; history; philosophy; communication; and interdisciplinary studies.

Courses require students to synthesize ideas from a range of disciplines and to think creatively when approaching complex problems. Students study and interact with a range of texts from diverse perspectives while working cooperatively, thinking, reading, speaking, writing and engaging actively in experiential learning.

Humanities Program

Humanities Course Descriptions



NIC's Interdisciplinary Studies program helps students to develop critical and creative thinking skills that will prepare them to succeed in a complex, interconnected world and in a variety of professions.

Students choose two areas of focus from two different departments. In interdisciplinary classes and other courses taught by faculty participating in the program, students are encouraged to recognize and make connections among disciplines and reflect on integrated themes. Experiential learning, writing and speaking across the curriculum, collaborative learning and individualized advising unite faculty and students in the program.

Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Interdisciplinary Studies Course Descriptions



The study of world cultures is an integral part of a well-rounded education.

Learning a foreign language provides a sense of shared humanity and offers insight into the human mind, thus helping international understanding. It improves intellectual skills, helps the learner understand the customs, culture and literature of other countries and provides a wealth of material in other languages.

World Languages Program

Foreign Language Course Descriptions

French Course Descriptions

Italian Course Descriptions

Spanish Course Descriptions






This program helps students appreciate the role of ideas in shaping and evaluating the broad range of human experience from ancient to modern times.

Classes focus on how great thinkers considered issues concerning ethics, human nature, politics, religion, economics, social change, knowledge, reality and sound reasoning. Students learn to read critically, think logically, analyze and organize a wide variety of concepts, research and evaluate sources and communicate clearly and effectively.

Philosophy Program

Philosophy Course Descriptions




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