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Curriculum Council


This committee shall evaluate all curricula on an ongoing basis and shall make recommendations to the vice president for instruction and ultimately the president regarding all curricular matters. It shall recommend approval of and criteria for evaluation of all associate degrees as well as for the Technical Certificate, Advanced Technical Certificate and Academic Certificate of Completion. The council shall approve all prerequisites for courses, all changes in grading procedures and all changes in credits, content or numbers. The Curriculum Council shall evaluate and approve all special topic courses. In addition, this committee will submit reports of its activities to the Faculty Assembly Chair.

Administrators Responsible

Interim Provost: Lloyd Duman
Executive Assistant, Office of Instruction: Cheri Beard
Chair: Mark Magill
Vice Chair: Lesley Schoch

Voting Members 2022-2023

  • Group 1 (English and Humanities): Jamison Lee, English Associate Professor
  • Group 2 (Communication and Fine Arts): Erick Wolfe, Theatre Assistant Professor 
  • Group 3 (Social and Behavioral Sciences): Lesley Schoch, Child Development Professor
  • Group 4 (Trades and Industries): Mark Magill, Automotive Technology Professor
  • Group 5 (Business and Career and Technical Professional Programs): Dean Miles, Business Management/Entrepreneurship Assistant Professor   
  • Group 6 (Math, Computer Science and Engineering): Ekaterina Miller, Math Assistant Professor
  • Group 7 (Natural Sciences): Bill Richards, Geology Associate Professor
  • Group 8 (Health Professions and Nursing): Trisha Robinson, Associate Degree Nursing Assistant Professor
  • Group 9 (Cardinal Learning Commons, Physical Education/Dance/RRM, Modern Languages and Philosophy Departments): Scott Estes, Philosophy and Communication Associate Professor

Non-Voting Members

  • Interim Provost: Lloyd Duman
  • Dean of Instruction, General Studies: Sherry Simkins
  • Associate Dean of Nursing and Health Professions: Erlene Pickett
  • Interim Dean of Instruction, Workforce Education: Doug Anderson
  • Interim Associate Dean of Instruction, Academic Support: Gail Ballard
  • Dean of Enrollment Services: Tami Haft
  • Advising: Brenna Dockter
  • e-Learning: Chris Rode
  • Library: Lisa Radke
  • ASNIC: Tom Hersey