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Machining and CNC Technology

Career and Technical

Location: Rathdrum Parker Center

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Program Description

This program prepares students for entry-level employment in the machining and manufacturing industries. The curriculum features basic to advanced machining concepts involving various machine tools such as conventional lathes mills grinders and their Computer Numerical Control (CNC) counterparts. Coursework also involves blueprint reading geometric dimensioning and tolerancing shop math and statistical and mechanical measurements. The second year of the program places emphasis in CNC and CAD/CAM systems and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing in preparation for employment in computerized manufacturing processes. The opportunity to certify in MasterCAM Mill is available to students who successfully complete the program.

Successful completion of each semester or permission of the instructor is required to continue into the next semester. Prospective students should have solid math skills and demonstrate mechanical aptitude. Computer and keyboarding skills are recommended. Placement in specific English and Math classes is determined by the college assessment test.

Current industry professionals may enroll in individual courses on a space-available basis and with the instructor's permission.

Parker Technical Education Center

Classes for this program are located in Rathdrum, Idaho, 12 miles from Coeur d’Alene at the Parker Technical Education Center

Kurtis Kimberling
First Year Machine Technology Instructor
Office: Parker Technical Education Center 179
Phone: 665-2788 / (509) 330-6437

Joe Okon
Second Year Machine Technology Instructor
Office: Parker Technical Education Center 181
Phone: (208) 769-3438

2021 - 2022 Tool List

APPROXIMATE COST OF TOOLS / SUPPLIES (NOTE: Does not include the cost of textbooks)

Year 1: $1200 - $2000
Year 2: $500 - $600
(Prices subject to change based on price quotes received from the vendors)

Year 1 Machining and CNC Tech Required Tool List

Year 2 Machining and CNC Tech Required Tool List



NOTE: It is recommended that students not purchase tools or equipment until after classes have begun and specific tool/equipment requirements have been discussed in class.


Must Haves for 1st Day of Class
1 Pair Safety glasses


Year 1 Required Tools/Instruments
1 Set Hex Keys (metric 2-12mm) BONDHUS
1 Set Hex Keys (inch 5/32-1/2") BONDHUS
1 Each 0-1 Micrometer friction or ratchet thimble
(Starrett T230XRL or T230XFL Mitutoyo Series 102
– opt. both must read to .0001 Carbide Faces)
1 Each 60-degree center gage, Starrett #C391
1 Set Open end / box wrenches to 15/16ths
1 Each  12” adjustable wrench
1 Each  Magnetic base (NOGA)
1 Each  1” Travel dial indicator, .001 calibrations (Starrett,
Swiss, or Brown & Sharpe) Good Quality
1 Each  Edge finder (Starrett #827B) recommended
1 Each  6” digital caliper (Mitutoyo) recommended/8" preferred
1 Each  Center punch 90 degrees, medium
1 Each  Ball peen hammer, 20 oz.
1 Each  Carbide-tipped scribe
1 Each  6” Precision rule, Mitutoyo, 1/2 flex recommended
1 Each  Screw pitch gage, inch / import OK
1 Each  12 ft. measuring tape /1/2” width
1 Each Toolbox (must lock) 7-drawer machinists
1 Each   Mitutoyo test indicator 513-242
1 Each Magnetic base for 1” indicator Mitutoyo Mag
1 Each   Dead blow hammer (1# - can be imported)
1 Each   Thread pitch wires (quality import ok)
2 Each  INDICOL test indicator holder
1 Each Half-round smooth file, 10” USA
1 Each Parallel set 1/8 inch wide / Import
1 Each  8 GB flash drive


Year 2 Required Tools/Instruments
1 Each Parallel set 1/8 inch wide / Import
1 Each 1-2" Micrometer with friction or ratchet thimble
(Starrett T2XRL or T2XFL Mitutoyo Series 103)
Must read to .0001" with Carbide Faces
1 Set Telescoping Gages (no Import)
1 Set Small Hole Gages (No Import)
1 Each 16 Gig or larger USB flash drive memory stick


Program Snapshot

Degree Type Duration Path Credits
Intermediate Technical Certificate 2 Semesters Full-time 37 Degree requirements
Intermediate Technical Certificate 2 Semesters Full-time 33 Degree requirements
Advanced Technical Certificate 4 Semesters Full-time 62 Degree requirements
Associate of Applied Science Degree 4 Semesters Full-time 69-71 Degree requirements
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