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Schuler Performing Arts

Welcome to the Schuler Performing Arts Center located in Boswell Hall, home to NIC music and theatre performances as well as many community and touring events.


Schuler Performing Arts Center (S-PAC) has a seating capacity of 1,159 with an adjustable performance area of 1,800 square feet. Rental rates are based on a 7 a.m. to midnight time period. Daily rental space includes a “green room” and dressing room with full restroom facilities (showers and lockers). Additional space is based on availability. The S-PAC manager must approve any changes to the space, including but not limited to signs, ropes, seats or seating, aisles and walls.

Food and drink will not be allowed in S-PAC. Lobby space or additional rooms may be designated for this purpose. NIC is designated as a non-smoking, tobacco and e-cigarette free campus. See NIC Policies. Considerations to this policy for artistic necessity must have approval from the Event Services team.

Lessee understands that the spaces identified in this agreement are primarily educational in nature and may have displays that further the mission and values of Lessor (North Idaho College). The Lessee agrees to not alter, cover or any other way conceal the displays that have been set forward by the Lessor, without first receiving Lessor’s approval.

Placement of camera tripods, wheelchairs, walking aids or any other potential obstructions will be arranged in accordance with safety regulations. Schuler Seating Chart


Reservations are taken on a priority basis in the following order:

  1. North Idaho College and its programs
  2. Returning clients with annual performance dates (e.g. second Saturday in November)
  3. Returning clients with new dates
  4. New clients

Reservations are considered during the month of January for the upcoming fiscal year (July through June). Multi-year reservation(s) are considered on an individual basis.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Public Law 101-336, S-PAC has eleven designated areas for wheelchairs or other transportation aids.

Hearing impaired patrons may request additional audio equipment (T-Loop or headphones) that amplify program content during the performance. S-PAC usher staff will provide assistance upon request.

S-PAC equipment will be made available for use by the client in accordance with the rental/use rates for said equipment, upon approval of the S-PAC Manager. Additional equipment (if needed) will be the responsibility of the client. Use of any equipment during an event or performance must have the approval of S-PAC Manager. S-PAC Manager or designee has the right to disallow the use of equipment that is unsafe for persons or property.

All staffing for event(s) or performance(s) must be approved by S-PAC Director of Operations. All primary tie-ins and electrical alterations will be performed exclusively by NIC Physical Plant electricians following accepted local and Idaho State Electrical Codes, with local authority having jurisdiction.

Lessee(s) will designate or assign one person (listed on contract) to be responsible for questions or communication with S-PAC Manager concerning operational, technical or artistic decisions or direction. S-PAC must receive a Technical Rider (describing the event’s technical needs) as well as any other riders at least 15 days prior to the opening of the event.

Concession sales of food and drink are the exclusive rights of S-PAC. Promotional merchandise may be sold by the client (with S-PAC manager approval) in designated areas, but will be assessed a surcharge of 15% of gross sales.

Prior to beginning of ticket sales, a complete packet of event or performance information must be given to S-PAC Manager. This packet will include:

  1. Date(s) of event or performance
  2. Time(s) of event or performance
  3. Cost of tickets (including discounts)
  4. List of ticket outlets (with phone numbers)
  5. Title of event or performance
  6. Brief description of event or performance (pending space availability this could be used in NIC’s communications)

Prior to announcing, advertising and distribution/sales of tickets, all ad copy and ticket samples for said purpose must be submitted to and approved by the S-PAC Manager. Any deviations or alterations of the agreed upon items may result in penalties or termination of this agreement.

The Lessee shall provide public liability insurance for personal injury and/or property damage as specified and will supply S-PAC Manager a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1 million that names North Idaho College as the first insured. Certificate of liability should be received by S-PAC Manager 30 working days prior to the event or performance. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of event.

Any waiver of charges or fees must be requested in writing and received at least 30 working days prior to the event or performance for approval through the NIC waiver review committee.

Confirmation and Contract 

Upon confirmation of date(s), the client's designated representative will be mailed a confirmation packet. Completion of the client signature pages and the processing of the customer's deposit establishes a binding agreement between the client and North Idaho College.

Failure to return the signed confirmation of dates notification within 10 working days of receipt, could result in loss of those reserved date(s).

Additional policies and procedures may be found in the NIC Policies section.