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NIC Security Policies

Dangerous Weapons Policy

7.04.01 Weapons on College Property

Concealed Weapons FAQs

NIC leadership remains very committed to maintaining a safe work and learning environment. Threatening use or brandishing of concealed-carry weapons (or any other weapons) will not be tolerated. Please be aware that carrying a legal, concealed weapon is not, in and of itself, a disruptive or threatening act. While concealed-permit holders may have familiarity and be at ease carrying a loaded weapon, it’s asked that they be aware that many people on our campus are not familiar with handguns and are uncomfortable in their presence.

Be advised that the campus is obliged to follow this law to the letter and is not at liberty to enact policies or provisions that violate it. Any changes to the law would have to come through the state legislative process.

This FAQ was prepared to provide clarification on how the law works on the campus.

Only enhanced concealed-carry permit holders are allowed to carry a weapon on campus. An enhanced concealed-carry permit requires additional firearm training such as instruction on firearms law conducted by a law enforcement officer, instruction on self-defense principles, live-fire training that includes firing a minimum of 98 rounds, and basic concepts of safe/responsible use of handguns.

The law does not define what concealed means, but permit holders must ensure that the weapon is located on the individual’s body (or their immediate belongings, such as a purse or backpack) and is not readily ascertainable. A firearm is not concealed when it is viewable by another person in ordinary observation.

Only firearms are covered by the statute. A firearm is a pistol, revolver, or other handgun the length of the barrel which, not including any revolving, detachable, or magazine breech, does not exceed 12 inches. All other weapons – rifles, semi-automatic weapons, knives and other edged weapons – are still not permitted on campus.

Anyone is permitted to ask, but the individual asked is not required to reply unless asked by law enforcement.

“Brandishing” is displaying a weapon in a threatening manner. If you see anyone brandishing a weapon, call the law enforcement at 911 immediately and take precautions to protect yourself (evacuate the area or retreat behind a locked door depending on the circumstances).

A person with a concealed-carry permit must ensure that their weapon is concealed. If a firearm is partially viewable the authorities will be contacted and the person may be removed from campus. Any brandishing of a weapon is absolutely prohibited and will result in automatic removal from campus.

No. The mere act of concealing a handgun with the appropriate permit as authorized by law is not in and of itself a disruption of class activity. Enhanced concealed-carry permit holders should not be excluded from class under any supposition that their presence alone is a “disruption.” Another person’s adverse reaction to someone carrying a handgun in accordance with the concealed carry act is not grounds to eject the permit-holder from the classroom.

However, if the weapon is visible, the student may be removed from the campus/classroom until appropriate personnel have assessed the situation. Contact security with any questions.

While faculty can ask a student who has a concealed-carry permit to report that status to them, students are not required to provide this information to a faculty member. Any voluntary reporting of concealed-carry permit status by a student to a faculty member should be done privately. Faculty should not, under any circumstances, coerce students into complying with their requests or pressure them to answer concealed carry queries.

No. Individuals are not permitted to carry firearms in the NIC Residence Hall, Boswell Hall, Christianson Gymnasium or Lakeside Center (NIC Children’s Center). Entrances to these facilities will be clearly posted regarding the prohibition of firearms.

No. The name of individuals with concealed-carry permits is not a matter of public record.

General Campus:

The only places on NIC’s main campus where concealed firearms are not permitted are the NIC Residence Hall, Boswell Hall, Christianson Gymnasium and Lakeside Center (NIC Children’s Center). An individual that is properly permitted may carry a concealed firearm in labs and other classrooms on campus.

Lakeside Center (NIC Children’s Center):

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare separately regulates firearms in daycare facilities. An individual may carry a concealed firearm at NIC’s Children’s Center during drop-off or pick-up of a child. Aside from pick-up and drop-off, staff and parents are not permitted to carry concealed weapons and must keep their firearms in a locked container that is inaccessible to children. Ammunition must be kept in a separate locked container. These rules apply at all times when children are present.

Private Facilities Being Rented by NIC:

Not all locations being used by NIC are owned by the college. Private owners may prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons on their property. Students must first look to see if the building they are entering has signage prohibiting the concealed carry of weapons.

There are no circumstances in which issuing this kind of directive would be permitted. Appointing authorities and supervisors may ask all employees to voluntarily not bring legal concealed carry weapons into the workplace, but they cannot require it or otherwise coerce their employee(s) through the workplace relationship to comply with the request.

Unless expressly required to do so by the Vice President for Student Services, the carrying (and use) of concealed weapons by employees is not within the course and scope of employment at NIC.

Yes. If the employee has a valid, enhanced concealed-carry permit and the weapon is concealed in accordance with the law. For assistance in any situation of concern, such as a performance review, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (208) 769-3304.

Yes. The safest course of action is to call the Coeur d’Alene Police by dialing “911,” followed by calling NIC Security at (208) 769-3310. They will respond and make contact with an individual to determine if that person has a concealed-carry permit and is carrying a weapon legally. All concealed-carry permit holders are required to carry their permits on their person if they are also carrying their weapon.

No. All weapons (included concealed firearms) are prohibited in Boswell Hall, and Christianson Gymnasium. All weapons are also prohibited in the NIC Residence Hall.

Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

North Idaho College is committed to maintaining an environment of teaching and learning that is free of illicit drugs and alcohol. The College prohibits illegal possession, consumption, manufacture and distribution of alcohol and drugs by students and staff in College owned, leased or operated facilities and on campus grounds. Individuals who violate College policies, city ordinances, state or federal laws may be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution. Student sanctions, as detailed in the Student Code of Conduct, may include warning, censure, fines, disqualification, suspension, expulsion, restitution, as well as required attendance at educational programs.

Students and staff should be aware that drug and alcohol education counseling and assistance are available through Human Resources, or the Student Services Counseling and Health Services.

For a complete copy of the NIC Drug and Alcohol Policy, contact Human Resources.