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1. Introduction to the Office of Finance and Business

The Office of Finance and Business strives to provide an environment that enables faculty and staff to carry out North Idaho College’s mission statement and goals, while ensuring stewardship of the institution’s finite resources, compliance with applicable requirements,and accountability to our constituent groups.

The Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs is responsible for oversight of the following areas and functions:

Risk Management seeks to provide a safe and secure environment in which to live, work and learn, and expects its employees, students, visitors and guests to conduct their activities safely, ethically, and responsibly. Risk management includes various activities which reduce the college’s risk of financial loss through loss of property liability claims, injuries to employees, or damage to reputation.

Capital Planning develops and coordinates appropriate decision-making processes, which strive to ensure the long-term vitality of the college by enabling the institution to formulate programmatically based capital plans, allocate fiscal resources, and develop capital facilities.

Financial Management utilizes expertise in receiving and administering funds, managing college real estate and debt within the appropriate parameters of law, policy, and reasonable business practice.

Business and Accounting Services have been established to properly account for the funds that are received to run the college and to assure the integrity of the college’s assets.  Accounting Services has oversight of procedures for receipting of cash, accounts payable, payroll and accurate reporting of transactions and balances.

Information Technology/Computer Services provides and manages information technology to the strategic advantage of the college, thereby enhancing the quality and effectiveness of teaching, public service, management of the college, and development of productive working and learning environments.

Facilities Management focuses on renewing, replacing, and preserving our physical facilities with planned development, a capital strategy, planned maintenance, and the optimal use of space and resources. Facilities Departments include Campus Safety, Custodial Services, Landscape Services, Mail Services, Copy Services and Fleet Services.