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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR)

Career and Technical

Location: Rathdrum Parker Center

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Program Description

This nine-month certificate program in Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration prepares students for entry-level positions in this challenging occupation. Entry-level HVACR technicians typically work on residential and light commercial HVACR systems performing equipment installations preventative maintenance and service and repair tasks. Additional opportunities are also available in system design and sales occupations.

Students will study basic HVACR systems electricity heating systems local fuel codes applied thermodynamics refrigeration cycle psychometrics duct system design and system diagnosis. These skills are taught in classroom theory and learned in hands-on lab exercises and cooperative work experiences. A general education component consisting of communication occupational relations and math is integrated into the program. Successful completion of the first semester or permission of the instructor is required to continue into the second semester. Placement in specific English and math courses is determined by the college assessment test.

Successful completion of this program satisfies the four-year related training requirement for the Idaho State HVAC apprenticeship program.

Current industry professionals may enroll in a single course on a space available basis and with the instructor's permission.

Parker Technical Education Center

Classes for this program are located in Rathdrum, Idaho, 12 miles from Coeur d’Alene at the Parker Technical Education Center

2021 - 2022 Tool List

APPROXIMATE COST OF TOOLS / SUPPLIES (NOTE: Does not include the cost of textbooks)

$2500 - $3000 (Prices subject to change based on price quotes received from the vendors)

Automotive Technology Required Tool List



1 Each Roll Cabinet Tool Box with lock. Min. size 6 drawer or a
    top/bottom combination - 15,000 Cubic Inch Enclosed minimum!
    *Must include Socket and Wrench Tool Box Organizers!*
Set Combination wrenches / open-box (1/4” to 1”)  
Set  Metric combination wrenches (6mm to 20mm)  
Set  Metric Flair Nut Wrench Set (10mm to 21mm)  
Set  1/4" drive ratchet and 2 or more extensions 
Set  3/8"" drive ratchet, 3", 6", 12" extensions 
1 Set  1/2" drive ratchet w/2 extensions
1 Each  1/2 " drive breaker bar 
1 Set  Six-point 1/4” drive metric sockets (5mm to 12mm) 
1 Set  Six-point 3/8” drive metric sockets (10mm to 19mm) 
1 Set  Six-point 3/8” drive metric sockets Deep (10mm to 19mm) 
1 Set  Six-point 1/2" drive metrics sockets (17mm through 24mm - ALL!) 
1 Each  Brake Lining Thickness Gauge - (Gearwrench #3962 equivalent)  
Each  10/12” Crescent wrench
Set  Allen wrenches 
Set  Metric allen wrench 
Set  Magnetic pick-up tool 
Each  Tape measure 
Each  6-12” steel ruler (metric and fractional scales) 
Each  Tire Pressure Gauge 
Each  Air chuck (for inflating tires) With type "T" male quick coupler 
Each  Tread Depth Gauge
Each  Feeler gauges 
Each  Inspection mirror (2” or larger)  
Each  Mini-Mag type or small LED flashlight  
Each  Seal Pick Set with handle - 4 picks (straight, 90, 45, hook) 
Each  Battery Terminal Cleaner (Tapered Brush Type)  
Each  12-volt test light (incandescent type, NOT LED type) 
Each  Rubber tipped blow gun With type "T" male quick coupler 
Each  Tire Valve Core Tool - (Lisle 15190 equivalent) 
Set  Screwdrivers - Standard & Phillips Head, 4-inch length + "Stubby" 
    Must be for mechanical use - NOT for wood screws! 
Set  Punches (~1/8,1/4, 3/8, 1/2 - starter and pin type)
Each  Chisel set (~1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 - 4 different sizes) 
Each  Center punch 
Set  Pinch Pry bars with square shank and plastic handle - 12 &18/24" 
Each  Ball peen hammer (1 pound) 
Each  Ball peen hammer (2 pounds) 
Each  Dead Blow hammer (1 1/2 pound) 
Each  Diagonal cutting pliers
Each  Pliers (Slip-Joint type) 
Each  Needle nose pliers 
Each  Channel lock pliers - small (10”) and large (15”-17”)
Each  Vice Grip type pliers (small) with "Pipe Grip" jaws
Each  Vice Grip type pliers (large) with "Pipe Grip" jaws
Each  Type "T male Quick Coupler with 1/4 male NPT threads 
Each  Wire stripper/crimper pliers 
Each  Mechanics Gasket scraper Metal (not a putty knife) 
Each  Mechanics Gasket scraper set Plastic (not a putty knife) 
Each  Automotive Stethoscope - Single center tube only! 
    (Lisle #52750 Kit equivalent)
Each  Spark plug sockets 5/8” and 13/16” 
Set  3/8 Drive Torx Drive Sockets - Male, T10 thru T70 
Set  3/8 Drive Torx Drive Sockets - Female, E4 thru E24 

Program Snapshot

Degree Type Duration Path Credits
Intermediate Technical Certificate 2 Semesters Full-time 42-45 Degree requirements
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