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Professional Licensure Disclosure Practical Nursing (PN)

The Practical Nursing (PN) program is designed to meet the educational requirements for practical nurses in Idaho. If you intend to seek licensure outside of Idaho after finishing your program, use the list below to find information on the state or U.S. territory in which you intend to be licensed in order to identify whether NIC’s program meets, does not meet, or is undetermined whether it meets the educational requirements for licensure.

If NIC’s program has not yet determined whether the program meets the educational requirements for licensure in the state in question, it may meet all or a portion of the educational requirements. NIC recommends you contact the licensing agency directly before beginning the NIC program.

For more information, please contact Wendy McIntosh,

StateStatusDate Last ReviewedState Agency LinkState Agency Phone Number
Alabama Meets 6/30/2020 Alabama State Board of Nursing  1-334-293-5201
Alaska Meets 6/30/2020 Alaska Department of Commerce  1-907-269-8160
Arizona Meets 6/30/2020 Arizona State Board of Nursing  1-602-771-7800
Arkansas Meets 6/30/2020 Arkansas State Board of Nursing  1-501-686-2700
California Meets 6/30/2020 California State Board of Nursing  1-916-322-3350
Colorado Meets 6/30/2020 Colorado Board of Nursing  1-303-894-2430
Connecticut Meets 6/30/2020 Connecticut State Department of Public Health  1-860-509-7603
Delaware Meets 6/30/2020 Delaware Board of Nursing  1-302-744-4500
District of Columbia Undetermined 6/30/2020 District of Columbia Board of Nursing  1-877-672-2174
Florida Meets 6/30/2020 Florida Board of Nursing  1-850-488-0595
Georgia Meets 6/30/2020 Georgia Board of Nursing  1-404-656-2881
Hawaii Meets 6/30/2020 Hawaii Professional and Vocational Licensing Division  1-808-586-3000
Idaho Meets 6/30/2020 Idaho Board of Nursing  1-208-577-2476
Illinois Meets 6/30/2020 Illinois Department of Professional Regulation  1-888-473-4858
Indiana Meets 6/30/2020 Indiana Professional Licensing Agency  1-800-457-8283
Iowa Meets 6/30/2020 Iowa Board of Nursing  1-515-281-3255
Kansas Meets 6/30/2020 Kansas Board of Nursing  1-785-296-4929
Kentucky Meets 6/30/2020 Kentucky Board of Nursing  1-713-353-0212
Louisiana Meets 6/30/2020 Louisiana State Board of Nursing  1-225-755-7500
Maine Meets 6/30/2020 Maine State Board of Nursing  1-207-287-1133
Maryland Meets 6/30/2020 Maryland Board of Nursing  1-410-585-1900
Massachusetts Meets 6/30/2020 Massachusetts Board of Nursing  1-617-973-0900
Michigan Meets 6/30/2020 Michigan Board of Nursing  1-517-335-9700
Minnesota Meets 6/30/2020 Minnesota Board of Nursing  1-612-317-3000
Mississippi Meets 6/30/2020 Mississippi Board of Nursing  1-601-957-6301
Missouri Meets 6/30/2020 Missouri Board of Nursing  1-573-751-0681
Montana Meets 6/30/2020 Montana Board of Nursing  1-406-444-6880
Nebraska Meets 6/30/2020 Nebraska Dept of Health and Human Services  1-402-471-6443
Nevada Meets 6/30/2020 Nevada State Board of Nursing  1-888-590-6726
New Hampshire Meets 6/30/2020 New Hampshire Board of Nursing  1-603-271-2152
New Jersey Meets 6/30/2020 New Jersey Board of Nursing  1-973-504-6200
New Mexico Meets 6/30/2020 New Mexico Board of Nursing  1-505-841-9044
New York Meets 6/30/2020 New York Office of the Professionals - Nursing  1-518-474-3817
North Carolina Meets 6/30/2020 North Carolina Board of Nursing  1-919-782-3211
North Dakota Meets 6/30/2020 North Dakota Board of Nursing  1-700-328-9777
Ohio Meets 6/30/2020 Ohio Board of Nursing  1-614-466-3947
Oklahoma Meets 6/30/2020 Oklahoma Board of Nursing  1-405-962-1800
Oregon Meets 6/30/2020 Oregon State Board of Nursing  1-971-673-0685
Pennsylvania Meets 6/30/2020 Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing  1-717-783-7142
Rhode Island Meets 6/30/2020 Rhode Island Department of Health  1-401-222-5960
South Carolina Meets 6/30/2020 South Carolina Board of Nursing  1-803-896-4300
South Dakota Meets 6/30/2020 South Dakota Board of Nursing  1-605-362-2760
Tennessee Meets 6/30/2020 Tennessee Board of Nursing  1-615-532-5166
Texas Meets 6/30/2020 Texas Board of Nursing  1-512-305-7400
Utah Meets 6/30/2020 Utah Div of Occupational & Prof Licensing - Nursing  1-801-530-6628
Vermont Meets 6/30/2020 Vermont Office of Professional Regulation  1-802-828-1505
Virginia Meets 6/30/2020 Virginia Board of Nursing  1-804-367-4400
Washington Meets 6/30/2020 Washington State Department of Health  1-360-236-4700
West Virginia Meets 6/30/2020 West Virginia RN Board  1-303-558-3572
Wisconsin Meets 6/30/2020 State of Wisconsin Board of Nursing  1-608-266-2112
Wyoming Meets 6/30/2020 Wyoming State Board of Nursing  1-307-777-7601
Puerto Rico Undetermined 6/30/2020 Puerto Rico Board of Nurse Examiners  1-787-765-2929
Virgin Islands Undetermined 6/30/2020 Virgin Islands Board of Nurse Licensure  1-340-690-9315
American Samoa Undetermined 6/30/2020 American Samoa Health Services Regulatory Board  1-684-633-1222
Guam Undetermined 6/30/2020 Guam Board of Nurse Examiners  1-671-735-7404
Northern Mariana Islands Undetermined 6/30/2020 CNMI Board of Nursing  1-670-233-2263
Palau Undetermined 6/30/2020 Palau Bureau of Nursing  1-680-767-2403