Two female student taking selfies outside the SUB

The First Year Experience @ NIC

Starting college is a major step, and FYE helps you start your NIC career on the right path. There are four major benefits of being part of the FYE:

  • Connection - You will connect with faculty, staff, resources, and peers to build a campus community and support system.
  • Engagement - You will learn how to be active in the NIC community, which will empower you to be responsible for your own learning and development.
  • Planning - You will explore your personal and career interests and develop an academic plan. Additionallly, you will reflect on what it means to be a student and the importance of health & wellbeing as it relates to achieving your academic goals.
  • Success - You will acquire the necessary skills, habits and resources to help you achieve your goals.

FYE features a series of activities designed to help you succeed. Watch the video below to learn more.