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First-Year Experience

Connect. Engage. Plan. Succeed.

Starting college is a major step, and the First-Year Experience (FYE) helps you start your NIC career on the right path. There are four major benefits of being part of the FYE:

  • Connection - You will connect with faculty, staff, resources, and peers to build a campus community and support system.
  • Engagement - You will learn how to be active in the NIC community, which will empower you to be responsible for your own learning and development.
  • Planning - You will explore your personal and career interests and develop an academic plan. Additionally, you will reflect on what it means to be a student and the importance of health & well-being as it relates to achieving your academic goals.
  • Success - You will acquire the necessary skills, habits, and resources to help you achieve your goals.

FYE Activities

FYE features a series of activities designed to help you succeed. Watch the video below to learn more.

  • Cardinal Convocation is a celebration of the start of your NIC journey and a formal introduction to the campus community. You will learn about campus life and College expectations, and connect with campus resources, faculty and other students.  
  • New Student Seminar (CLC 120I) is a two-credit course that promotes student success by teaching you how to actively engage in your education, use self-reflection to grow and develop, collaborate with members of the campus community and utilize campus resources. Course topics include the purpose and value of general education, career readiness, intellectual curiosity, academic planning, health and wellness and much more. This two-credit course is attached to a GEM class. You will have the same faculty member for both courses. CLC 120 is designed to give you a chance to practice important habits and skills needed to be successful in college.
  • Learning Communities (CLC 130) link multiple courses by weaving together concepts, readings and assignments from each of the courses. This arrangement eliminates the need for “jumping” between different classes that don’t appear to relate. You will have the same faculty and student colleagues in each of the learning community courses, which can help develop networks to support success in the classroom and build skills essential for career development.